Morristown-Beard School Student Artists

Morristown, NJ
Morristown-Beard School is an independent, co-educational, private day school located in Morristown, NJ serving students in grades 6-12 from more than 85 communities and nine counties in northern New Jersey. Empowered by forward-thinking academics and premier facilities, MBS students’ advanced skills in thinking, writing, time management, arts and athletics set them apart and position them for success long after college.
The artwork displayed has been created by 16 Upper School students from Morristown-Beard School exclusively for the Elm & Art program.In creating the artwork, the student artists were given three constraints:
•The imagery created was to reflect the theme “My Muse Is...”


The canvas was to be divided in one of two ways, creating a pattern that would travel from one piece to another.
•Use a limited color palette consisting of turquoise, magenta, violet and gold. No other colors were allowed to be used in creating their final paintings.

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