taco takeover

A taco experience like none other at End of Elm. For a limited time the Motown Taco menu will be available in the comfort of our dining room along with all that our "cocktologists" have to offer. Enjoy tacos the way they were meant to be, steaming hot from the kitchen with a cold margarita. House Margarita $9.00 with purchase of 3 tacos!
Visit MotownTacos.com for a taste
End of Elm menu available as well

Can't pick a side? Join forces. 
@MotownTaco + @EndofElm


In 2018, I became a painter. An artist.  I am a product of the '70s and I spent my life in the fine state of New Jersey—the most wonderful state of them all. As a result of stuff that happened, choices, substances, fate, and probably pollution, I have formed an imagination that describes an environment I understand to be worthy of depicting ... possibly a cautionary tale ... where all life forms, including otherworldly ones, merge and coexist…sometimes peacefully, sometimes not. In a sense, I am leaving behind hieroglyphics, useless to anyone unless they are interested in my version of a not-too-distant reality. I usually do the work in my house in Newark. I use paint.