When the Question is Brunch.

The Answer is End of Elm.


In 1895, Englishman Guy Beringer, envisioned a new meal. Sick of waking up early every Sunday to make it to breakfast, this forward thinking, brilliant man was the brains behind the Brunch. Suddenly weekend carousers could sleep in and still spend their weekend mornings enjoying delicious combinations of food in good company. “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting,” Beringer proclaimed, “It is compelling. It puts you in a good mood…it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.” The man was a visionary, and nowhere is his vision more veritable than End of Elm, Morristown’s top brunch destination. With a delicious Brunch Menu and Morristown’s Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar, there’s no better place to enjoy your weekend mornings.

Join us on Saturdays and Sundays for an epic brunch experience, where you can enjoy the atmosphere and the company while breakfast and lunch conspire with End of Elm Chef Danny Angel to bring you unique and delectable dishes. Whether you’ll go sweet with the Banana Bread French Toast or savory with the Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese, or some combination thereof (Chicken & Waffles), End of Elm is here to rejuvenate you. Once noon rolls around, the adult beverages start flowing, and you can try our infamous Bloody Mary or try one of our many crafted brunch cocktails, along with your coffee or juice. Breakfast food with a twist – check! And if luncheon fare is more your style, we’ve still got you covered: Sashimi Tuna Pizza might strike your fancy, or an End of Elm Prime Burger might be just what you need. This inventive menu is sure to amp up your weekend.