There is much in the news concerning the viability of restaurants and how restaurants have tried to adapt to the times.  Some of the talk is how 3rd party delivery services have come to the rescue.  Here are some facts from a restaurant owners’ perspective.
  • In addition to the fees the customer is charged for delivery, the restaurant is charged upwards of 30% of the total order by the 3rd party.  In an industry where 5-10% margins can be expected, it easy to see how these additional expenses do not help the bottom line.
  • In addition to the 30% fee, to be seen within the customer app the restaurant is asked to pay marketing fees to get “to the top of the list”

  • Many of the 3rd party services are offering “free” delivery, either as a promotion, or as part of a monthly subscription plan.  Please look at your receipt and ask yourself if the delivery is actually free?
    • Taxes and “fees”; Does this line equal more than 6.25% of the ordered total?  That additional fee is not free.
    • Many restaurants increase their prices on the 3rd party apps to try and alleviate some of the fees they are being charged. Check the restaurant website and compare the prices to the 3rd party app.  Do you still think you are getting a deal? (End of Elm has never and never will have multiple pricing tiers)
    • In many cases, the free delivery is being absorbed by yet another promotion your favorite restaurant is forced to absorb to try and be competitive.
We understand the convenience of delivery services.  Under normal circumstances, any “additional” business generated by delivery is indeed a bonus.  At 35% indoor capacity where takeout has become a much more significant percentage of business income, the 3rd party delivery model is not viable.  
How You Can Help
    • If you are comfortable, we would love to serve you in person. We are following every precaution and have installed an Ultra-violet air purification system that circulates and purifies the air 24/7.
    • If ordering for takeout, please consider picking the food up curbside.  Your food will be hotter and more enjoyable, yours is not the only delivery in the driver’s car.  Plus, we would love to say hello in person!  www.EndOfElm.com
  • If unable to pick up in person, consider using the delivery service available directly through our website.  It uses the Door Dash network of drivers; You will incur a $3.50 delivery fee, and we incur no extra expense.  Please note any tip you provide through this delivery method goes to Door Dash, not to End of Elm. Thank you for reading this far, as a gift use code OrderDirect for a $3.50 discount on your EoE order.
  • Had a great experience and loved your food?  Please leave us a Google review and an Open Table review.  Others want to hear, and you are our best method of advertisement.
  • If your experience wasn’t everything you hoped, please notify us so we can try to make it right.  We need to hear the bad as well as the good in order to improve.  This is a new experience for us all!
Thank you for reading through this.  We sincerely hope you have a wonderful Holiday with Family and friends and are looking forward to seeing you in 2021!