EoE Burger Gruyere Fondu, Caramelized Onions, Fries $18
Veggie Burger Guac, Lettuce, Tomato, Garlic Aioli, Fries  $18
Southwest Burger Cheddar, Crispy Shallots, Chipotle Aioli, Fries $18
Motown Burger  Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato, Fries $18 
$18 Bourbon Flight #1 |  $2 off any burger  

Buffalo Trace Deeply colored with notes of Vanilla, Molasses, and Mint. Sweet with a warm bite of baking spice. Soft and easy to sip. Smooth finish.
Wild Turkey 101 Rich and round with flavors of spiced orange peel. Spicy and robust with a slightly higher proof. Blend of 6 and 8 year bourbon.
Makers Mark  Small batch bourbon that leads with a woody, toasty flavor. Balanced with creamy caramel and apple notes.
$30 Stellum Flight | $6 off any burger 

Stellum Bourbon Full cask strength and full flavored. Intense clove and allspice on the nose. Marshmallow and candied fruit on the palate. Spicy black and chili pepper blends with a dried apricot finish.
Stellum Rye Cask Strength Rye with Baked Apples, Peach Cobbler, and Poached Pears dominate this whiskey. This could be dessert on its own. A punch of spicy rye grain and a delicate minty and jasmine finish rounds out the length.
Stellum Black Cask Strength. Orange Creamsicle, Caramel Corn, and NY Roasted Cashews with sweet cinnamon. Smoky oak and chocolate taffy on the finish.
$25 Mezcal Flight | $4 off any burger 

Nuestra Soledad ‘San Luis del Rio’ Made from Espadin in the small village of San Luis del Rio, this mezcal has a vibrant pepper and mesquite aroma matched with a green herbal palate. Bold, bright, and citrusy in character.
Ilegal Reposado  Ilegal Reposado is aged for 4 months in American oak barrels imparting a light toasty and orange peel aroma and flavor. Very velvety on the palate and easy to sip.
Mezcal Vago Elote A full-bodied mezcal that layers roasted corn into the mix. Loaded with green tropical fruit, smoke, honeycomb, and a lush sweetness that only corn can offer. 
$18 Classic Whiskey Flight | $2 off any burger 

Woodford Reserve Bourbon Deep amber in color. Heavy aromas of dried fig, chocolate covered orange, and tobacco spices waft from the glass. A rich, chewy bourbon with notes of toffee, caramel, and spice. 
Rittenhouse Rye A vibrant bottled-in-bond rye with Black Pepper spice on the nose. A sharp baking spice blend of Nutmeg, Clove, Cinnamon, Allspice, and chewy caramel round out this intense historic rye. 
Monkey Shoulder Scotch A blended scotch with beautiful orange, honey, vanilla, and toasted oak notes. Smooth and malty while also being bold and incredibly flavorful.
$26 Bourbon Flight #2 | $4 off any burger 

Knob Creek 9 year old bourbon with a lighter copper color. An almost fruity bourbon with a marked richness and cinnamon spice.
Widow Jane 10 year bourbon with a prominent rye character. Flavors of orange, maple, cherry and almond. Matched with a smoky charred oak nose.
Stellum Bourbon Full cask strength and full flavored. Intense clove and allspice on the nose. Marshmallow and candied fruit on the palate. Spicy black and chili pepper blends with a dried apricot finish.
$23 Irish Whiskey | $4 off any burger 

Killbeggan Cereal grain forward with a lush Oloroso sweetness on the back palate. Honeyed with a malty dryness. Only a tiny touch of smoky peat for depth.
Tullamore Dew Triple Distilled for smooth and gentle complexity. Malt driven fruitiness with balance of nutmeg and clove spiciness. Finished in Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry barrels.
Barr an Uisce Single Malt. White Chocolate and caramel on the attack with a silky and creamy mouthfeel. Tropical fruits, spicy ginger, and an iconic maltiness drive home the character.
$23 Tequila Flight | $4 off any burger 

Tequila Ocho Crisp and bright with a touch of earthiness. Highland tequila with a perfect blend of grassy, vegetal flavor and peppery fruitness!
Luna Azul Apple, lime, toasted almond, and vanilla all swell the glass. A rather delicate and fruity front followed by a dry mineral and spice finish. 
Casamigos Reposado The color of golden honey, this drinks more like an Anejo than a Repo. Hints of cocoa, dried tropical fruit, spicy oak, and baking spices round out a rather robust profile.