Meet The Artist & Curator : Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis, aka Bonesy, is a local artist and art curator. Her work has been shown in New York City and locally in Morristown. After eight years working in advertisements, Bonesy saw firsthand how media shapes women’s perceptions of how they should look, act, and even feel. Now, free from the forces of mainstream media, her art seeks to show women how beautiful they truly are. Using figure studies to display the female figure in various environments and positions, she creates portraits full of life and movement, mimicking the natural beauty of the women they represent.
Her paintings are meant to empower women everywhere to embrace their inner and outer selves. More recently, her art has connected with her yoga practice, as she aims to capture the aura and energy of other inspiring yogis. She is currently working with End of Elm to display a rotating exhibit of local talent, as well as implementing the mural program. If you are an artist interested in collaborating, please do not hesitate to contact her.
Instagram: @artbybonesy

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