nicki koning

Astoria, Queens, New York City

I make paintings about my observations, feelings, and situations that question boundaries between representation and abstraction. Lately, my paintings have become about questioning positive thinking and positive psychology in a critical but loving way. Always skeptical, my paintings look at conformity, happiness, and issues like depression and anxiety, and the process of feeling, thinking, and coping with emotions. Through painting abstractions that resemble textiles and candy, I hope to bring up and examine feelings of comfort, and what it means to feel safe and stable. 

I source my imagery from photos and memory, and build textures through layering. My abstract paintings are of shapes that resemble common things that might be seen, but aren’t quite what they’re expected to be. Gravity comes into my paintings through floating and crumpled objects.The tension created by paint looking almost like a thing from life, and then looking like something abstract, is similar to the incoherent input we get from the world, and how we receive things differently depending on personal experience.

We build and translate complex stories about our experiences, and internalize what they mean to us. People seem like stacks of experiences. We can't fully explain what we experience to other people, and I’m fascinated by the process of trying to explain feelings and perceptions to others. What one person experiences on a sensory level can't really be experienced by another, and isn't a conversation topic, just something that is felt. I translate this “felt experience” into paintings.


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