Kane Brewing Tap Takeover Thursday May 12th

Launched in August of 2011, Kane Brewing Company is a small craft brewery located on the coast of New Jersey. Our focus is brewing American-style and Belgian influenced ales. All of our handcrafted beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and brewed locally in our custom built brew house located in Ocean Township in Monmouth County. Most of our beers are draft-only and available at bars and restaurants in coastal, central and northern New Jersey where we hand deliver each beer to ensure the highest level of both beer freshness and service. We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy creating them..

Beers On Tap


Overhead is an American-style Imperial IPA. This beer is loaded with our favorite hops; Amarillo, Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe. It’s bittered with a gigantic charge of Columbus and Simcoe early in the kettle that is followed by several rounds of late kettle and whirlpool hops using Amarillo, Centennial and Simoce. In the end, Overhead is brewed with over 5 pounds of hops per barrel which includes two rounds of dry hopping to create a cascade of pine, resin and citrus hop flavors that consume your palate. Although we brew Overhead with the same imported Pilsner and light crystal malts as Head High and ferment it with our house ale strain to produce a dry crisp finish, this blend of different hops creates an entirely new experience all its own.

Head High

Head High is our interpretation of an American-style India Pale Ale (IPA). This beer is all about the hops; we use a blend of five different varieties all grown in the Pacific Northwest. A small charge of Chinook and Columbus early in the boil adds a smooth bitterness. A majority of the hops are then added late in the kettle or post-fermentation to produce a beer that is heavy on hop flavor and aroma. The combination of Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Columbus give Head High a noticeable grapefruit flavor with aromas of citrus, tropical fruits and pine. Our house American ale yeast ferments to a dry finish that accentuates the use of imported Pilsner and lightly kilned crystal malt resulting in Head High’s straw color and crisp flavor.

Single Fin

Single Fin is a Belgian-style Blonde Ale. This beer is modeled after a Belgian Single or Enkel which is a low-alcohol table beer for monks in Trappist monastery. They are traditionally brewed for daily consumption and can be difficult to find beyond the walls of the monastery. The concept behind Single Fin was to make available locally a low alcohol, but flavorful beer that retained the traditional profile and body of a Trappist-style beer.

Morning Bell

A favorite morning stop of ours since we moved into the neighborhood a few years ago is Rook Coffee Roasters of Monmouth County; conveniently located just around the corner from the brewery. They roast and brew their coffees with the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship that we focus on here at Kane. We couldn’t think of a better group of like minded people to work with on a collaborative project. The result is Morning Bell, our imperial milk porter brewed with their dark roast Sumatra coffee. We added a healthy amount of milk sugar to an already complex, dark malt bill to sweeten and balance the bold flavors and roasty bitterness of the coffee. The result of this collaboration is a full bodied porter with big bold flavors and remarkable smoothness.


Belgian-Style Quadrupel brewed with Continental Pilsner, Dark Crystal Malts, Wheat and Rye and fermented with our house Belgian yeast. The result is a richly complex ale with notes of biscuit, caramel, plums and dried cherries.

Hop Lab: Triple IPA , Citra pale ale, El Dorado IPA yeast

The Hop Lab series allows us Kane Brewing to experiment – with new hops, new ways to use old favorites, or in different beer styles – on a commercial, albeit limited scale. This is not a “single hop” series showcasing individual varietals, but rather a loosely defined outlet for our continuing experiments with our favorite ingredient.

Vengeful Heart

Vengeful Heart is a true American-style Barleywine loaded with 98 IBU of our favorite hops. We used a heavy dose of Simcoe and Chinook in the boil and even more Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook in the whirlpool and at dry-hopping. This huge hop bill is supported by a blend of four different crystal malts to create flavors of caramel, toffee and dark fruit. As a result, Vengeful Heart is deep ruby in color with big tropical fruit and pineapple aromas and a firm bitterness that is followed by a slightly sweet, caramel finish.

Silent Nights

American-style Imperial Stout. This is a hopped-up version of a classic Imperial Stout. Starting with Halcyon Pale, a traditional British base malt that adds a toasty, biscuity character to the beer, we add dark roasted and caramel malts for notes of coffee, chocolate, and dark fruits. Generous use of American hops, Simcoe, Chinook and Columbus, add bold but complementary flavors and aromas that bring everything together in a full bodied and richly complex ale for the quiet off season here on the coast.

Port Omna

In the late 1860s, Michael F. Claffey came to America from the small village of Port Omna in County Galway, Ireland. Four generations later, we brewed this beer to both celebrate our Irish heritage and to honor our family on both sides of the Atlantic. Port Omna is an American Extra Stout, taking characteristics from each sub-style within the stout category. The medium body and smoothness is reminiscent of an oatmeal stout and supports aromas of roasted malts, rich coffee, and hints of cocoa. Flavors of bittersweet chocolate and the medium malt character of an American stout add a layer of sweetness, while it’s relatively high 6.6% ABV and assertive roast flavors are familiar characteristics of foreign extra stouts. Port Omna wraps our favorite stout flavors into one very special, very limited-release beer.