Hank and Bezzy – Live – 11/25 and 12/23

This is not a band, it’s a manifesto!

Hank and Bezzy Live Morristown

It was 1987 and the world believed that Wall Street was a new Michael Douglas movie. It was then HANKANDBEZZY united long enough to hear a melody in common. A multi media manifesto told through chord structure and orchestration; voicing and groove; really, an acknowledgement that time is an angry band leader and song, a wanton reprieve.

Our New Album coming out on September 3rd is called “The Life and Times Of The Middle Age American.” It is our first album that took 3 years to create. We have been playing music together for 25 years up and down the east coast in every gin joint joint bar worth a damn.

You can see us in Morristown exclusively at End Of Elm on August 11th.

We are the sexiest lounge act on the planet.  You may not get lucky at our show but you damn well may get rich.

I am 5’10” 250 tanned Roman Catholic
Hank is 5’2″ 150 Jew

He is the talent, I am the +sized spokes model

We are angry that the country we grew up in has been hijacked by political and business extremists.