Every Tuesday Is Ladies Night At End Of Elm

Rumor has it, wine is good for you. While that may be a bold and broad claim, a 2005 publication in the New England Journal of Medicine sets out to shed some light on alcohol’s effect on cognitive function. 12,480 women aged 70-81 were studied to determine the effect of moderate alcohol consumption in women over time. The conclusion of the study (conducted by two M.D.s, two Sc.D.s and an M.P.H.) is that the data suggests up to one drink per day may actually decrease the risk of cognitive decline in women. Our conclusion is that you should round up your girlfriends and meet us at End of Elm every Tuesday to decrease risks and be merry!

Specialty cocktails $9.00 (usually $12, who doesn’t like 25% off?)

Bottles of wine 20% off

Tuesday 6pm-9pm